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Security is important. There are a number of different lines of defense you can employ to keep you, your family, your coworkers, or anyone else that visits your establishment safe. This can take many different forms but the goal is always the same — maintain an environment that can be monitored and maintained.

One such means of providing security is to secure the perimeter. This lets you keep track of who comes in and who goes out. This is important information. The entrance of an unknown party means you don’t know why they’re there and what they plan to do. This can be a liability.

Securing the perimeter is advantageous in any circumstance that needs to guarantee a level of security. The three overarching scenarios in which this will be employed are for public/private events, a business, or a home.

Let’s look a little deeper into how perimeter security can help in these circumstances.

For Your Event

Are you hosting an outdoor event? There is a lot to think about — contacting vendors, hiring staff, providing entertainment, and so on. But one of major considerations is in regards to security. How much will you need? What type of security will provide the best coverage? And how many layers of security are necessary?

The general rule is that it’s always better to have more security than you need. You don’t ever want to be in a situation where you can’t handle what’s going on. This means hiring plenty of security guards, employing the use of rapid deployment units, and securing the perimeter of your event space.

Indoor events will already have a pre-existing structure. And many outdoor event spaces have a form of exterior barrier. But these structures are often fairly old, which leaves them susceptible to holes or any otherwise unknown entry points. Many events take place in open areas.

Both of these situations require additional perimeter security. You want to have control over who enters your event. This is true because it will cut into your bottom line if people sneak in instead of paying, but more importantly, because it is a huge security risk.

Perimeter security allows you to monitor who comes in, what they have with them, and allows you to deny entry to anybody who might have nefarious goals.

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For Your Business

Your business is your livelihood. And unfortunately, many businesses become targets of criminals. So how do you convince a potential criminal to skip past your business instead of attempting to commit a crime?

You make it really difficult for them.

Criminals are ultimately lazy. They want to simply take what they want without an abundance of effort. And if you can make the reward from a criminal act seem like it requires a lot of hard work, they are likely to go about their day or night.

Perimeter security puts a large barrier between your business and those who might want to do it harm.

Aside from protecting the financial aspects of your business, you want your employees to feel safe as well. They need to focus on their jobs. They shouldn’t be distracted by something as basic as their personal security. Not only does this distract them from their work, it makes them uncomfortable. And you want your employees to enjoy their time at work.

Multiple layers of security will ensure they remain happy and healthy as they show up for work every day.

For Your Home

Your home is your sanctuary. Not only is it where you keep all of your belongings, it’s where you keep the most prized aspect of your life — your family. And even those in affluent areas can become victims of home invasions. Perimeter security adds another layer of defense against anybody who might be thinking about entering your home without an invitation.

Protecting your valuables is important, but so is peace of mind. Perimeter security lets you kick your feet up after a long day knowing that there is a physical barrier between you and the outside world. Other forms of security offer great advantages, but at the end of the day, they are suggested deterrents. Perimeter security physically keeps the criminals out — no matter if they are motivated or don’t have any qualms about other forms of security.

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Herring Technology offers multiple layers of security for your next event or business. Gain the peace of mind you need by adding perimeter security to your security strategy.

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