As a business owner, you are naturally hesitant to spend money on things of questionable value for your enterprise. Financial security for your company requires strong budgeting skills, after all. But as important as it is to avoid unnecessary spending, it is just as important to invest when necessary to boost your business. There are costs associated with failing to invest in the right things—a fact that is especially true when it comes to security systems. Not having a business security system may wind up costing you far more over the long-term than it would have to install a security system now.

The Cost of Poor Security for Your Business

1. Theft of inventory.

The risk of theft from outside actors is always a worry for business owners, but many fail to realize just how much they can lose from the inside. It is often an easy step for employees to take inventory, and they can wind up taking a lot over an extended period of time. In some businesses, where inventory is quite expensive, the risk is more apparent. But even theft of less expensive items, like office supplies can add up over time. A surveillance camera system provides a serious deterrent to such theft, and if the theft still happens, you can identify who the culprit is.

2. Unwanted visitors.

Without security in place to prevent it, unwanted visitors can make their way onto your property and even into your building with surprising ease. These individuals may be just looking for a place to loiter—or they may be searching for things of value to take, or even for people to harass or harm. Security options like perimeter fencing, security gates, controlled access and cameras all serve as deterrents to trespassers. Someone is much less likely to choose your business if it requires climbing a fence, breaking through locked doors and being recorded while doing it.

3. Increased insurance costs.

Your insurer will most likely want you to have some sort of security system in place. If you do not, it will probably drive up your premium. The fact is, a business without a security system is more likely to suffer losses. Insurance companies are well aware of this fact, which is why they charge more for businesses without adequate security.

4. Risk to employees.

Your employees are the backbone of your business, working hard to ensure that things get done like they should be. They put their trust in you as the owner to provide a safe work environment. But without a security system, the likelihood of trespassing and robbery increase. If there is nothing to deter criminals from entering your business and attempting to steal from you, much of the risk is born by your employees.

5. Failure to follow to safety protocols.

Many businesses have safety protocols in place that are proven to make the workplace and employees safer. Unfortunately, some of these protocols can seem really inconvenient to employees. It is natural to want to skirt rules that appear unnecessary, so you can expect some employees to cut corners and fail to take the proper steps indicated in your safety rules. Having a security camera system seriously discourages this kind of cutting of corners. Just knowing that they can be seen and therefore reprimanded for breaking the rules goes a long way towards ensuring compliance.

6. More shoplifting.

Shoplifting can be a major problem for retail establishments. Employees can only watch so many people at once, and depending on the layout of the building, it may be impossible to see what everyone is doing at all times. If shoppers think that no one is looking, they are more likely to try and take things. Commercial security systems that include security cameras are effective at dissuading would-be shoplifters just by being visible. Even if they are not recording, the cameras make it appear as though someone can see what shoplifters are doing.

7. Loss of productivity.

Employees may be more motivated to work diligently if they know that you can see how they behave at work. A camera system that employees can reinforce the idea that you are always around in some form or another, and continue to expect strong performance.

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