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Security systems are there for your business when something goes wrong. These incidents often feel as if they might never happen, but unfortunately, they do. Having a proper system in place is essential when a problem occurs. The immediate steps after a break-in are as important as they are nerve-wracking.

What happens after that alert sounds? And what can you do to help?

Make Yourself Available

The alert that you receive is also sent to local authorities, just as it would for a home alarm system. Emotions will probably be running high and a lot of things will be running through your head. The very first thing you should do is try to calm yourself down as much as possible. A clear head is necessary to navigate the process.

Once you feel calm, the best thing you can do at this point is to simply make yourself available.

The local authorities will come out to your business and perform an investigation. They might have questions for you during this time. Simply being available for these questions can be a big help in finding any leads. Of course, you probably won’t know who broke into your business. A lot of factors go into these investigations and you might know something helpful without realizing it. So even if you feel helpless, you might be able to assist in ways you couldn’t imagine.


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Investigators Are On Your Side

Herring Technology partners with investigators who hold over 50 years of experience with criminal investigations. These investigators have the knowledge and expertise to help you through any questions you might have. They are also available to help the local authorities in any way they can.

The unfortunate fact is that police departments are busy. Their resources are finite as is the amount of time they can focus on a particular issue. This is where Herring Technology’s partnership with investigators becomes crucial.

The investigators, many of whom are retired police officers and FBI agents, will act as a liaison between you and the local authorities. This service helps you better understand the process. It also helps move the investigation forward. The investigators can look further into items the police might not have time to pursue. This helps generate leads. And when it comes to these investigations, leads are critical.

Information is key. Whether this is information for the client or the authorities, the investigators facilitate the process and ensure everything runs smoothly. Herring Technology’s partnership with investigators is an invaluable resource.


Insurance filings should come next. You’ll want to contact your insurance company within 24 hours of the break-in. Make an inventory of missing and damaged items. Be sure to document everything you can. This will be important as the process moves forward.

Cleaning up after a break-in can be daunting. The sense of loss, nervousness, and unease might have you wanting to put it off while the investigation runs its course. However, cleaning up is important. The investigators will want you to leave the crime scene how it was found while they collect evidence. Putting everything back in its place as soon as that is over is important.

Once everything is back to normal, you should assess your security needs. What can be adjusted to lessen the possibility of this happening again? Does this incident indicate a need for increased security? There are many choices when it comes to securing your business. Taking the time to learn about them is invaluable. Luckily, the same investigators that are assisting local authorities with the investigation can assist you in analyzing your security network.

So what options are there?

Trust Herring Technology

The very first step would be a security assessment with the professionals at Herring Technology to find out exactly what you need. This front end work is important to ensure you get the proper system. There isn’t a singular system that works for everybody, so recognizing your particular security design needs is beneficial.

Herring Technology refers to their security methods as Security Synergy: “The sum of the products and professional design/layout by our law enforcement trained investigators.” Herring provides the top means of protecting your assets by using state-of-the-art video cameras, alarms, access control, lighting, fencing, and barriers.

Break-ins are a violation of your space as much as they are a violation of your property. The initial moments after a break-in can be frightening. The professionals and investigators working with Herring Technology can help you through these tough times.

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