How to Find the Right Commercial Security Provider

It’s the sad truth that many businesses fail to ensure their security measures while effectively protecting themselves and their business until it’s too late. Ineffective technology can allow easy access to secure areas and poorly placed or incorrectly installed equipment can lead to unusable footage when you need it most. See below for the top 5 reasons to have a physical security risk assessment completed on your business:

1) A Team of Trained Professionals – At Herring Technology, we have an extensive team of highly trained and experienced professionals with a vast knowledge of security technology. In other words, they see issues that you may not. Not only do we utilize our professionals for valuable assessments, but we also have the ability to serve as case liaisons for your business in the event of an authority-involved issue.

2) An Analysis of Current Security – We don’t want to discredit your current business’s security system and if everything is up to par, we’ll be sure to notify you. Following a walk-through of your business, we will evaluate the effectiveness of the existing security and make note of any vulnerabilities in your current security measures.

3) Custom Long Term Plan – Following the walk-through, we will develop a customized and long term plan for your business’s security measures. This will include a detailed list of recommendations to ensure that your company is as secure as can possibly be.

4) Cost Analysis  – We realize that realistic budgets are an important part of every business. Working closely with businesses to determine their assets and probability of threat will help analyze the cost of loss versus the cost of a recommended security system.

Security Synergy – Here at Herring Technology, we believe in the concept of Security Synergy. This formula helps us to develop the best solution to protect your business: Physical security measures (video + lighting + access control + barriers + intrusion notification)  +  professional design/layout  =  Security Synergy.

Many business owners feel that the current security measures they are taking to protect themselves are acceptable. Unfortunately, this may not always be the case. Preparing for the worst is the best way to ensure your security solutions are properly met. Give Herring Technology a call to schedule your Physical Security Assessment and get started on securing your business today.

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