Video Surveillance: How it protects your business

Video surveillance systems are an effective component of business security that deter vandals and would-be-criminals from intruding on your property. Though intended to catch unlawful activities on film, a security camera system also captures the more mundane (and sometimes extraordinary) moments of life. We went on a quest to find the funniest and most memorable videos caught on CCTV surveillance.

Has your security system in Nashville caught any notable moments on film?

  1. What Happens When the Road Gets HungryThe HD security camera system was rolling when a sinkhole approximately 40 feet deep swallowed cars within the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Fortunately, the cavity appeared overnight and no one was hurt by the incident.
  2. Loud Music – Not Just Harmful to Your EarsYou’ve probably heard the warning that loud music is harmful to your ears, but did you know it can be harmful to your car as well? This man triggered the airbag function in his car while blasting Queen through the stereos.
  3. Breaking 6,810 bottles of “Win”
    Have you ever wondered what breaking 6,810 bottles of “win” looks like? Thanks to the video surveillance cameras in Superior Discount Liquor in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, you don’t have to wonder anymore. A shelving unit 78 feet long pulled away from the wall, creating a domino effect destroying bottles worth up to $149.00. Ouch!
  4. Hurricane Tears through Boat
    While we take shelter from Mother Nature, security camera systems remain on duty. This incredible footage showcases the powerful fury of Hurricane Irene tearing a boat from its moorings in North Carolina. Thank goodness we’re landlocked here in Nashville, TN!
  5. The Risks of Texting While Walking
    We all know that texting and driving is dangerous, but did you know that texting and walking is just as risky? A mall security camera captured footage of a woman falling headfirst into a fountain in the center of Bershire Mall in Reading, PA. No wonder texting and walking is now considered a crime in some places.
  6. Pizza Delivery Fail
    We hope this pizza delivery guy learned his lesson after this video footage leaked. The video shows a deliveryman dropping the pizza on the ground – and then putting it back inside the box to serve to the customer. Maybe next time we’ll just dine in!
  7. The Most Polite Burglar in the World
    Most robbers are threatening and vulgar. The man caught in this surveillance system has been called “the most polite” burglar in the world. We’re not condoning this well-mannered burglar, but it’s certainly interesting footage to watch.
  8. Watch Out for that Glass Door!
    Apparently birds and dogs aren’t the only creatures to run into glass doors or windows. An unsuspecting man with an hour left to catch his flight rushes out of his office only to run into the glass door, spilling his coffee everywhere. It took him a few seconds to realize what had happened.
  9. It’s a Good Thing this Store has Security Cameras
    It’s a good thing this convenience store has a security camera system. They’ll need it to catch the thieves that foil it’s security guards! Surveillance cameras can help catch criminals able to escape the scene of the crime.

If you’re a business owner or manager in Nashville, TN, it’s critical to have a business security plan in place to protect your employees, property, and customers. Discover the benefits of CCTV surveillance by downloading our free eBook today or contact us to learn more.

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