top reasons to incorporate access control at your company

Did you know in Nashville alone, businesses are twice more likely to be victims of property crime than the whole of Tennessee? And according to research, property crime is a major contributor to business failure and mobility. Criminals can make off with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise in a matter of seconds by simply taking advantage of weaknesses in your physical security systems – mostly likely crumbling businesses in the process.

But whether you’re protecting your clients and staff, inventory, trade secrets, or anything else that’s valuable to you, you can take steps to deter thieves from even attempting to break in. One step that many companies overlook is access control, but it could be one of the most important things you do to protect your business and its assets.

Access control isn’t just about securing your business or facility – it’s also about ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to specific areas at certain times and allowing other people access at other times.

Here are five reasons why you should incorporate access control at your company includes:

  1. Allow Contactless Entry
  2. Prevent Employees from Getting Locked Out
  3. Keep Track of Who Enters the Building
  4. Reduce Theft
  5. Create a Safer Work Environment

Allow Contactless Entry

Contactless cards (also known as proximity cards or contactless smartcards) let you access a building without having to swipe your card. These smartcards are embedded with a microchip that stores encrypted information about you, such as your name and employee identification number. When your hand or another object carrying your card is close enough to an access control reader, it sends a radio frequency signal. The reader converts that signal into usable data and unlocks doors for you—no swiping required!

Prevent Employees From Getting Locked Out

Access control systems also come with the perks of remote access control. This feature allows authorized personnel to lock or unlock a door from anywhere, meaning you can keep your employees from getting locked out. This is especially helpful in preventing accidents in facilities with amenities such as cold rooms where getting locked out could be fatal.

Keep Track of Who Enters the Building

By knowing exactly who is entering or leaving your facility, you can ensure that there’s no unauthorized access to secure areas. In addition, this activity-monitoring and reporting mechanism allows you to keep track of how long employees are taking for their breaks and lunches so that you can monitor productivity throughout your company. You may even be able to use these logs as evidence in case of theft or embezzlement claims.

Reduce Theft

It’s no secret that security concerns are a top priority for business owners. For businesses with multiple locations, access control is an effective way to protect your valuables from theft and vandalism. And for businesses with large amounts of inventory, such as retail stores or warehouses, access control can prevent rogue employees from stealing items on their way out of work.

When combined with video surveillance systems, access control can also help ensure that only authorized individuals have physical access to secure areas—and can track who has been in those areas throughout each day.

Create a Safer Work Environment

An access control system can help keep your business safe from theft and other security threats, allowing you to focus on growing your organization. This is especially important if you have employees working alone or in remote locations; without an effective way to monitor their activity, it’s easy for them to become victims of crime.

With a surveillance and access control system in place, however, you’ll be able to detect any suspicious activity as soon as it occurs—and potentially even prevent it before it happens, keeping your employees safe from harm.

Let the Experts at Herring Technology Help You

It’s no secret that an access control system is an essential part of maintaining the safety of your business and its employees, visitors, and products/services. And while you may have heard of or even seen these systems in action, it can be hard to know which access control solution professionals in Tennessee are best to work with.

At Herring Technology, we are experts in access control solutions and have been providing these services in Middle Tennessee and across 50 states. No matter your desired access control solution, we will help you design, customize, and install a system that is right for your business and budget.

Contact us today to learn more about our access control systems. 

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