Protecting your assets should be a top priority for any business owner. With several options for security systems at your place of business, some may be more beneficial to you than others. Check out the options below:

Security Cameras:
If you are concerned about both internal and external theft, security cameras from Herring Technology would be an efficient way to protect your company. Cameras strategically placed on the outside of your building will deter criminals from breaking in, and cameras on the inside will monitor happenings of customers, employees or anyone else who enters your place of business. Herring Technology’s HDCCTV systems provide video surveillance, which offers useful footage for identification and high definition cameras with recognizable images.

Herring Technology provides many customized systems, including security alarms. This type of security system would be useful if a business owner is trying to minimize outside criminal entry. An alarm system would be a great investment in addition to outside security cameras.

Access Control Systems
If you are trying to minimize internal theft, an access control system would be advantageous for your business. With Herring Technology’s access control systems, which include key fobs, ID badges and biometrics, it is easy to monitor when employees enter and exit by using time stamps. This type of technology will not only increase employees’ productivity, but it will make them less likely to steal from the company since they are being monitored.

Security Gates
Since most places of business can’t have a security guard onsite 24/7, a security gate would be valuable in order to prevent external crime. A security gate from Herring Technology will make it harder for criminals to enter the premises.

For a complete list of the security systems that Herring Technology offers to make your business safer, visit Security Products.

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