Video Surveillance: How it protects your business

If you are like most business owners, you put in a lot of effort to ensure that everything goes as it should. When you are on the clock—which is probably most of your waking hours—you are also on-point, guiding your business and your employees to keep things running smoothly and avoid costly mistakes. But what about when you aren’t there? Video surveillance systems offer the most reliable way to see what happens in your business when you aren’t looking—information that can prove invaluable in protecting your business.

How Security Cameras Benefit Your Business

1. Watching the back of the building.

The back of the building is usually where deliveries are made and trash is disposed of. The back often abuts the parking lot or the alley. It is an area that is uniquely exposed to undesirable behavior, on the part of intruders and even employees. Because of the nature of the area, it is in your best interest to keep an eye on what is happening back there. A security camera is ideal for this purpose, serving as a 24/7 sentinel to record what goes on.

2. Pay attention to the stock room

Stock is something in a business environment that can wind up disappearing if you are not careful. It might be the stock you are selling to customers, or items that you use in your business like materials or office supplies. Employee theft is a real concern for business owners, and for good reason. Because the person works for your company, he or she can often take a substantial amount of stock before being identified. But with a security camera in place, you can see exactly what happens with all of your stock. And the presence of the camera will act as a deterrent to theft.

3. Prevent burglaries.

Burglars are always searching for businesses that look like easy targets. They want a place they can enter, take things of value and—most importantly—escape with their loot unseen. A video surveillance system interferes with these plans in a big way. With properly positioned cameras, it becomes impossible for burglars to enter the building or exit the building unseen. While they might still risk it if the reward is big enough, in most cases they will choose another business without security cameras.

4. Prevent robberies.

As frustrating as burglary can be, at least there is no risk to you or your employees of physical violence. That is not the case with robbery. A criminal who is willing to come into your place of business while people are present and steal under the threat of force puts you and your employees in danger. It is extremely important to do what you can to deter robberies as much as possible. A security system that includes surveillance cameras is a powerful deterrent, especially when you make it well-known that you have such a system. Robbers do not want to be identified and pursued by law enforcement—something that is almost guaranteed with a high-definition security camera system.

5. Catch criminals who have harmed your business.

Security cameras make it less likely that your business will be the victim of a burglary or robbery—but they do not eliminate the risk completely. Someone may still be willing to brave the security system to take what is yours. If this does happen, your security cameras will make it much easier for law enforcement to catch those who did it. Modern video systems feature high-definition recording capabilities that show intruders in clear, detailed video. With this video, you can identify the perpetrator, which makes it much more likely that he or she will be caught.

6. Monitor employees.

Depending on your business, you may feel the need to monitor your employees to protect your business. A security camera system makes keeping track of what your employees are doing easy and convenient. It can record all activity in the area of your choice to verify that employees are on-task and not doing anything that would compromise the integrity of your company. For instance, if your employees handle expensive materials, having a visible camera system can ensure that none of those materials are stolen.

Getting the Right Security Cameras for Your Business

We want to help you protect your business. If you are interested in business security systems, including video surveillance, we can help you determine the right system for your needs. Please contact us today to learn more about your security options.

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