As a business owner or operator it is adamant that you create a safe, secure and comforting environment for your employees. With violence ranking third in the leading causes for fatality at the workplace, it’s time to make sure you are equipped to maintain a safe space for your employees. There are many ways to educate your employees, incorporate highly efficient business security systems to increase safety and implement proactive preventative education and maintenance to ensure safety to you and your colleagues.

Safety in the Workplace

Access Control Systems

The biggest growth in security systems for businesses, commercial and residential properties is access control systems. Access control systems allow you to have complete control over who comes into your building and even who has clearance for certain areas within your workplace. The time of keys and deadbolts have passed. With many employees, guests, clients (etc) coming and going it’s hard to keep track of who has keys for what doors and there’s no way of knowing if copies are being made. To knick all of those ambiguous nuances that can cause serious threats to your work environment and employees, installing an access control system is your best bet.

Whether you’d like to utilize today’s technology advanced biometrics readers or simple ID badges or coding, you can rest assure that only those you want in your workplace will have the ability to enter. Another key benefit of Herring’s access control system is the ability to specify certain areas within your building for specialized clearance.

This is also a secure way to control access within commercial businesses and great for property management. Nashville is the hub for tourism of all kinds with vacation rentals on every corner. As a property manager you can incorporate an access control system within all of your investment properties that way each guest can feel secure and safe, and you can be sure past guests won’t have access after their stay has completed.

Secure Your Surroundings

There are a few security systems Herring Technology can implement to the inside and outside surroundings of your workplace in order to create a solidified, safe environment.

Security Camera System

High-definition closed circuit television (HDCCTV) utilizes security camera operations and is the most universal security technology. Its uses and benefits are pretty clear. With advancements in technology camera systems can be designed to adapt to any environment including, but not limited to, areas that are dimly lit, outside spots that may have too much light, and provides the ability to transmute any video footage to high-quality images. By having eyes on your business, home, school or commercial establishment at all times, you are able to provide protection and prevention 24/7.

Perimeter Security System

In order to feel secure, sometimes it is necessary to create a border separating your workspace from the rest of the world. When working with factors such as highly classified information, sensitive technology and even within the educational property world, implementing a secure perimeter can deter many threats and create your own space away from the craziness of the rest of the world.

As your first line of defense, this a sure way to protect everyone that works with you by making sure you know every person and vehicle that enters and remains on your premise. Through Herring Technology there are layers of protection that can be designed by utilizing the perimeter security system. Your secured perimeter can be incorporated with your access control system, as well as, equipped with focal point security camera systems. This is like having a security guard on duty at all times with faster response time and more technologically intelligent control.

Shooter Detection Systems

As of June, 2018 there were a reported 154 mass shootings in the United States. This statistic can be disheartening and downright frightening; however, given the circumstances of today’s world and the violence occurring a way to keep your employees, residents, students, staff and yourself safe is to install a shooter detection system. By partnering with Shooter Detection Systems, we are able to bring an advanced security detection system to all of Middle Tennessee. The Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System is designed to detect gunshots instantly and provides speed of light information through the best and most accurate shooter detection technology. Although you don’t always want to take your mind to a place where such violence can occur, it is possible and it seems to be happening more often. With that, it is necessary to implement these sort of security systems within all industries to be able to react to any given situation no matter the severity.

Open Communication

Technology and installing high-quality, efficient and accurate security measures is a vital step in creating a safe workplace, but there’s more to it than just the latest security advancements. By keeping an honest, open communication path between you and your employee you are able to maintain that safe environment. Allow the conversation to occur about ways to secure your environment, team-oriented ways to ensure everyone is on the same page. Encourage anyone to speak up if something seems suspicious or off. It’s always better to check into something and be wrong than to end up in a dangerous situation.

Educate your employees on being aware of their surroundings and observant of peers, guests and even bosses. By having a team who all are striving for a safe environment you will be able to quickly diffuse potential threats within the workplace and its employees. With many occurrences coming as a surprise, don’t let your environment be one of them. By teaching your employees to be keen and aware you are arming them with the ability to prevent confrontation, support unified safety and strength within themselves to be able to contribute to a safe workplace.

Be Proactive

There is an overall theme when it comes to keeping you and your employees safe – be proactive. All of these tips point towards preparing yourself and your environment to have the capability to defend against dangerous threats. If you wait to react, you will not have nearly the amount of know-with-all, protecting technology and necessary security measures to end a threat swiftly. Always be proactive, not reactive.

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