Did you know that 58% of break ins can involve forced entry onto your property? As you begin to think about incorporating commercial security cameras into your business’s alarm system, you may want to keep this in mind. As many burglars avoid properties with visible alarm systems and security cameras, you’ll want to properly protect your buildings.

Whether you choose to build and customize your own security camera system or convert your current system, Herring Technology is here to help. If you’re still uncertain about installing commercial security cameras, check out our list of the most beneficial aspects of these professional monitoring programs

Here are the most beneficial aspects of commercial security cameras:

  • Avoid Major Theft
  • Protect Your Employees
  • Improve Customer Experiences
  • Avoid any Legal Issues
  • Peace of Mind

Avoid Major Theft

Outside of break ins, without a professionally monitored commercial security camera system, your business could be subjected to employee theft as well. As employee theft costs businesses $50 billion annually, commercial security systems can save you major costs long term. As anyone who recognizes they are being watched by a security camera will be less likely to steal from you or your business, commercial security cameras can also be placed within your office space to deter internal theft as well.

We can’t always trust everyone, and commercial security cameras can give your business that extra sense of security. Avoid spending millions of dollars on major theft from burglars and employees alike. Commercial security cameras can be regularly monitored to ensure zero suspicious activity occurs on your premises.

Protect Your Employees

Commercial security camera systems not only enable business owners to be proactive in protecting their organizations and inventory, but also allow them to protect their employees.

When you have trustworthy employees, you’re going to want to make them feel safe in order to keep them on your team longer. Whether you run a retail shop, restaurant or own a commercial office space, setting up professional security cameras strategically throughout your building can give both employees and customers peace of mind. Additionally, today’s security cameras are equipped with the latest, smart technology to capture clear images, alert the proper authorities and can make identifying anyone who’s come and gone much easier.

Protect your clients and employees with Herring Technologies premiere perimeter security system.

Improve Customer Experiences

While implementing an effective commercial security camera system can ward off potential intruders and decrease internal theft, these systems can also have a positive effect on your business. Retail stores and restaurants specifically can greatly benefit from studying customer behavior via security camera footage. Security cameras can capture the entire buying process and help you to organize products based on likeability, thus improving customer experiences in your locations.

This information can help improve your organization by providing guidance on everything from redesigning a store’s layout, more effective product placement and keeps everyone safe while doing so.

Avoid any Legal Issues

When it comes to theft, car damage, or personal accidents, anything that happens on your commercial property could lead to a plethora of legal issues. With professional commercial security cameras in place, your business has a better chance at avoiding excess legal costs or issues. With actual, documented video proof of a crime or footage of an accident, your business can confirm or deny most situations. Whether an employee gets hurt on the job, or someone hits your car in the parking lot, your commercial security camera system will have the evidence you need to handle any legal issues in a timely, reliable manner.

Peace of Mind

When you decide to implement professional commercial security cameras into your space, the sense of security and comfort you will find is unmatched. One of the biggest benefits of them all, having that peace of mind is very important to many people. Keep an eye on your property at all times, from anywhere, and have the proper emergency services on speed dial with professional security systems in place. Not only will you feel safe, but you’ll be able to feel confident that your property, belongings and employees are safe as well.

Adding commercial security cameras to your alarm systems gives you an extra layer of defense against any potential threats— especially when you integrate with smart technologies. Whether you rent or own, there are many benefits that come with having commercial security cameras.

When it comes to security, there is no one-size fits all solution. The best option for your business is investing in layered protection by incorporating additional surveillance equipment to enhance your security plan. Whether rain, shine, sleet, or snow, our RDUs are built to thrive in all conditions. Contact Herring Technology today to see how we can help keep your business safe and secure with perimeter security systems.

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