How do you best protect your business from harm?

Many businesses are choosing to guard their hard-earned assets with a state-of-the-art access control system. These advanced systems are designed to restrict access to a place or other resource. By taking control of who enters or exits an area at a specified time and place, you decrease the chances that your business will experience damage or loss.

Benefits to Installing an Access Control System

The benefits to installing an access control system include, but are not limited to:

  • Restrict unauthorized entry. Many areas of your business may be off-limits to the public, but keeping intruders out can prove difficult. A cutting edge access control system will help ensure that only authorized personnel enter these locations. Security gates also allow for the ability to restrict access to certain employees, so that specific areas of your property can only be used by a select group of individuals.
  • Reduce costs, increase efficiency. By installing an access control system, you can reduce costs and increase efficiency. These highly advanced systems eliminate the need for a person to monitor individual entry points. Furthermore, security cameras can be added to ensure additional protection of a particular area.
  • Remove identification issues. One of the most challenging components of an access control system is determining how employees will authenticate their identity. Modern access control systems can be optimized for the use of smart cards, bar codes, magnetic striping and digital cameras. This phases out the need for a physical key that can easily be lost or duplicated.
  • Auditing. Video surveillance in conjunction with card access control can help you determine the locations of various individuals when any incident takes place. This can help you return lost or stolen goods as well as catch employees who may be causing harm to your business.

 Components of an Access Control System

Now that you’ve seen the many benefits of an access control system, it’s important to learn the various components that go into theses systems. That way you can best evaluate the best access control system for your business as well as understand the basic functions that go into this particular system.

  • Credentials. A credential is a tangible piece of knowledge that helps to identify a person’s physical being that is used to enable access to a specific location or information system. A credential comes in many forms, such as a card, PIN code, token or a person’s fingerprint or face.
  • Readers. Like its name suggests, readers read a person’s credentials to verify access into a specified location. Two of the most common types of readers on the market include biometric readers and card readers. Biometric readers use fingerprint or face access, while card readers use an access card containing a person’s identity.
  • Locking Devices. The locking device of an access control system denies access to individuals until that have been appropriately verified by a reader. Locks come in many forms, including electromagnetic locks, rim locks and more.
  • Controllers. A controller processes the activities of all access control doors connected to it. You will typically find a controller located near each door within the access control system. It is here that the connection to all door devices terminates.

Enhance Your Business Security
Don’t let your business become a victim to intruders or dishonest employees. Protect your business with a reliable access control system. Get yours today from Herring Technology. We offer a variety of access control gate options, so you can customize the perfect system for your business security needs. Contact us today for your free security risk assessment!
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