You have done everything you can to protect your business from intruders. You’ve installed security cameras and a security system, but what happens when your alarm goes off?

Part of owning a security system means, at some point, your alarm will inevitably go off. Whether it’s a false alarm or an actual break-in, It’s important to know how to react when your security system is triggered.

Answer Your Phone

It’s likely you will be away from your business when you security alarm triggers In this case, you will get a phone call from the monitoring service alerting you that your security system has been triggered, and your alarm is going off.

Know Your Business’s Security Passcode

This will verify that you are the owner and ask for the passcode you established when you set up the security system. After verifying your identity, the monitoring service will ask if you want authorities to be alerted. If you do not answer your phone, they will most likely dispatch authorities to your business to asses the situation.

Wait For Authorities

Don’t try to be a hero. If your alarm is going off, there could be a burglar in your business. Instead of investigating, wait for the authorities to arrive on the scene, and let them handle the situation. Even if it’s a false alarm, you don’t want to risk of putting yourself in danger.

Disarm Your Security System & File Report

Once the authorities have investigated your business, you can disarm your security system. If a break-in did occur on the property, file a report with the authorities. Once your report is filed, contact your insurance company, and let them know what happened.You will need provide a copy of the report.

Call Your Alarm Company

Whether it was an actual threat or a false alarm, you should call your monitoring service after the situation has been resolved. If it was a false alarm, your alarm company will need to establish why your alarm was triggered, and how to fix the issue.

When your alarm goes off, it can be stressful and overwhelming. Remember to stay calm and know how to handle the situation. To learn more about the business security systems, visit Herring Technology or call (615) 846-2380.

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