Gun violence dominated the headlines in 2018. There were a record number of shootings and instances that left many dead or injured. In addition to the immediate threat, those who survive a situation as intense as gun violence are often left with post-traumatic responses. Active Shooter Insurance and Shooter Detection Systems are methods in which businesses and schools are taking action toward improved security. Both provide a level of protection that can help in the event of gun violence.

2018 Gun Violence

2018 was one of the scariest years for gun related instances at schools. The US Naval Postgraduate School pulled some research around the shootings and violence experienced at schools last year and found it broke records that date back as far as 1970. In 2018, 94 incidents of school violence were reported. According to the report, “each and every instance a gun is brandished, is fired, or a bullet hits school property for any reason, regardless of the number of victims, time of day, or day of week” was logged and accounted for.

The data is pulled from media reports and government agencies. The same group also tracked the number of deaths which included 55 people. Those numbers made 2018 the worst on record. The previous year with an alarmingly high number was back in 1993, with 40 reported deaths. Handguns caused most of the deaths, but rifles, shotguns, and other weapons were used as well. But, it wasn’t just the schools who suffered. There were 328 mass shootings recorded last year with 365 dead and 1,301 wounded. That averages to one death per day for an entire year.

Active Shooter Insurance

Active shooter insurance is considered gap coverage to help workplaces and schools find financial relief in the instance of gun violence. And, many are taking this seriously in the wake of 2018. The coverage would allow establishments to pay for things like caskets and funeral costs. The problem is these policies aren’t cheap. Smaller schools could find coverage between $1,800 and $1 million annually. While a larger school could end up paying somewhere between $175,000 for $20 million.

“It at least gives us some peace of mind that, in the event of horrible tragedy, we can begin to put things in place,” Belpre City Schools (Ohio) treasurer Lance Erlwein told WSJ.

The coverage would also award death benefits up to $250,000 per victim and counseling for those who were traumatized by the event. Something more people are giving a lot of consideration to. Many lawsuits have been filed recently against employers after an active shooter incident. According to the Business Insurance Report, “The U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration’s general duty clause states employers must have a place free of recognized hazards, and active shooting incidents are considered such a hazard.”

Gap insurance on this level would cover the expenses of schools and businesses having to reestablish themselves. In 2007, after the Virginia Tech shooting, there was roughly $48 million spent in litigation and recovery. Around $50 million was allocated to rebuild Sandy Hook. But, considering the recent events of last year, wouldn’t underwriters be hesitant to dish out policies? Apparently not. One company based in Ohio started writing policies in 2016. Since then, they have issues over 300 for different types of educational institutes across the nation. According to WSJ, they also “issued over 60 policies in July [2018].”

Shooter Detection Systems

Active shooter insurance isn’t the only way to protect employees and students when they are at work or school. There are shooter detection systems that provide advanced information in the event of gunfire.

How the Shooter Detection System Works

Shooter Detection Software uses advanced technology to help all security teams to identify gunshots. The information gathered from the software is instantaneous. The moment a shot is fired, the revolutionary software begins to collect data. But, it’s not just software. There are many components to help read and assess the situation.

Infrared flash detection provides some of the most accurate screening in real time. The data that is pulled is immediately sent to on-site security teams and local authorities to alert them of the immediate danger. Essential personnel who are not part of the security detail, but massively benefit from the information can receive instant notifications because the software is capable of sending data to multiple devices at once.

Going one step further, the software can initiate any lockdown procedures in place. Once the alarm has been triggered, on-site security cameras kick-in to start recording events while they are happening and streaming them to those in charge of security. Most of the system relies on sensors. Getting the most out of the system requires installation both inside and outside the building.

Shooter System Detection Nashville

When it’s necessary, security teams need critical information to help assess a high-alert situation like a shooting. The Shooter Detection System offers sophisticated technology to bridge the gap and add a layer of protection for employees and students. Tightening security works best when you have guidance from a team of professionals like Herring Technology. Together we can develop a plan and implement the best technology.

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