why school safety should include a shot detection system

As gun violence in schools rises, shot detection systems can be used to keep schools safe in the face of a threat. According to research from the Department of Homeland Security, the average duration of an active shooter incident at a school is 12.5 minutes. And the average response time for law enforcement is 18 minutes. However, by using a shot detection system, schools can lessen their response time by detecting threats more immediately.

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How It Works

When a shot is fired, a shot detection system registers the shot by using outdoor acoustic sensors and notifies the appropriate people through real-time tracking. With a shot detection system like the Guardian Indoor Active Shot Detection System, the coordinates of the shooting are immediately sent by email, text message, or another form of communication. These alerts can also be used as forensic evidence that police and law enforcement can use. By being warned so quickly, any people in the building or immediate area affected can leave the area and find protection.

Shot detection systems can also determine the source of the gunshot and the direction it was fired in. Research by the National Institute of Justice has found that shot detection systems accurately report 80% of shots fired in a field test and there is only a 25-foot margin of error when detecting the exact location of the gunshot.

Where It Can Be Used

As shot detection systems can be used in buildings of any size, they can also be used in places like businesses or warehouses. Regardless of square footage or the number of floors, SDS covers a wide area, and the technology will register and trigger an alert. Most shot detection systems also allow you to integrate them into your current security system and video cameras. Additionally, updates and support are delivered directly to you or through a cloud-based system.

Trust Herring Technology for Your Shot Detection System

At Herring Technology, we’re proud to partner with Shooter Detection Systems (SDS) to offer the Guardian Indoor Active Shot Detection System to clients throughout Middle Tennessee and beyond. As more and more businesses move to the region, their owners can rely on Herring to provide the latest advancements in commercial security.

The Guardian Indoor Active Shot Detection System (SDS) instantaneously detects gunshots using acoustic gunshot identification software and combines this cutting-edge software with infrared gunfire flash detection. The result is a shooter detection system offering the best and most accurate information on the market. According to SDS, the Guardian’s acoustic and infrared detection provides the highest rate of detection with zero false alerts.

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