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Emergency situations are chaotic. People are scared. It’s difficult to align your thoughts to make the best choices of action, including notifying the police. The focus becomes avoiding the disturbance and everything else gets filtered out.

But even if we were able to focus on the situation and try to relay information to the authorities, it would be difficult. The fact is, it’s difficult to figure out where a gunshot is coming from. The sound echoes. It seems like it’s coming from every direction at the same time, especially in an enclosed area. And when we don’t know where the threat is located, we run the risk of fleeing directly toward it instead of in the opposite direction.

The inability of people to correctly process information in a time of crisis is unavoidable. Our inability to correctly recall specifics in a given situation is well documented. This is why shot detection systems are crucial to properly responding to an active shooter scenario.

These systems can save lives. But how do they work? And how are they beneficial?

How Does It Work?

Herring Technology has partnered with Shooter Detection Systems (SDS) to offer the Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System. This system is an indispensable addition to any area that could be at risk of an active shooter scenario:

  • Schools
  • Malls
  • Movie Theaters
  • Auditoriums

This system was developed from military technology. The design is a result of efforts by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). In fact, over 20 million dollars were spent in development.

This attention to detail has yielded great results. False alerts give people the tendency to ignore them. This can be catastrophic in the case of a shooting incident. However, the technology has the ability to differentiate between the sound of a gunshot and other loud noises. This non-existence of false alerts means that people heed the warnings of the system when they sound.

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The System In Action

The detectors aren’t much bigger than a standard outlet cover. They blend into the wall and won’t  intrude on your normal day-to-day life. However, they spring into action when a shot is fired. The detector senses both the flash of the gun and the sound of the bullet. This double detection is what helps account for zero false alerts. After a shot is detected, algorithms configure the location of the shot and immediately alert the authorities. They receive information regarding the existence of an incident as well as the exact location.

Why Is It Necessary?

The disturbing truth is that there have been more mass shootings than days in the US in 2019. Any tool that can be used to reduce the fatalities and injuries during these events is advantageous. But even among the available tools, shot detection systems are a cut above the rest.

The average length of an active shooter event is 12.5 minutes. Conversely, the average response time from emergency personnel is 18 minutes. Every second counts in these situations, both for stopping the event and attending to the injured. Shot detection systems can lower the initial reporting of the situation from the current average to three to seven minutes down to one to three seconds. The sooner emergency personnel know of an event and exactly where it’s happening, the better chance they have at saving lives.

What Are The Benefits?

The Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System triggers a series of automatic responses once a shot is detected.

  • Phone alerts are sent out to anyone signed up on the network
  • Lockdown procedures are initiated
  • Authorities are alerted to the existence of an event as well as the exact location

All of these responses are designed to inform not only the authorities, but also the people in immediate danger. Reduced response time from emergency personnel greatly reduces the amount of injuries and deaths as a result of an active shooter situation. Also, this situational awareness afforded the others in the area of danger gives them the ability to respond decisively and advantageously to the event.

Herring Technology Can Keep You Safe

We don’t like to imagine ourselves in an active shooter situation. However, we must prepare for the worst because these situations do, in fact, happen. Our inability to mentally put ourselves in harm’s way can leave us and those around us open to significant loss.

Herring Technology is proud to offer the Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System, the only stand-alone, dual-authentication, smart sensor for indoor active shooter events. This system has a very real possibility of saving lives. Every second counts in an emergency situation and this system provides real-time information not only to emergency personnel, but those in immediate danger.

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