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Securing your business is important. No matter what industry you work in, you have materials and data that criminals want. This could come in the form of physical money or simply information stored in your systems.

You took all this into consideration when you began your business, but perhaps it’s fallen off your radar. After all, security systems all do the same thing, right?


There are numerous options for what type of security your company needs and various ways to provide it. And if you’ve employed the same security system for a long time, chances are it’s outdated.

Old technology can leave you vulnerable to criminal activity. Here’s why you should make sure your security system is up to date.

Instant Notification

The emergence of smartphones has had a great impact on the security options available to your business. Previously, your system couldn’t alert you to the possibility of a disturbance, but now you can see what your cameras see even when you’re not on-site. Remote viewing provides peace of mind whenever you need it.

Along those lines, contemporary security systems allow you to toggle features from the comfort of your home. Did you remember to set the alarm? Instead of worrying about it or heading back to your business to double check, you can verify its status on your smartphone.

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Clearer Images

Mobile cameras have made great strides in the last few years. You don’t have to look further than the phone in your hand to realize the quality of image it is capable of producing is far superior than what we’ve seen even five years ago.

This advancement is also seen in the technology used for security cameras. Older cameras produce grainy images that are often no help after a crime has occured. What use is an image when you can’t see the people or actions contained within? New cameras provide crisp images both in light and in the dark that can assist investigations.

Advancements in Artificial Intelligence

Our computers are growing smarter. They afford us many new capabilities every day. At the same time, the capabilities of these programs are expanding even without our help. This allows them to serve us without constant attention. These abilities were not available to businesses for security until very recently.

Artificial intelligence (AI) allows a program to scan and detect danger as it occurs. It then sends out alerts about the incident. This technology differs from what was previously available in that it actively learns to become more effective in its duties.

Criminals Are Growing More Sophisticated

The main reason to keep your security system updated is that criminals continually grow more savvy. They learn the capabilities of security systems and find ways to work around them. It is a constant battle between business owners and those that want to exploit any weakness they find.

However, just as the criminals are getting more sophisticated, so are the security systems. Staying on top of the latest developments is the only way to ensure the safety of your business. Cyber attacks and physical encroachments can be equally disruptive. But you can protect both your information and your property by utilizing the latest security technology.

More Protection is Available

Along with improvements on existing technology, new options for security protection are being released. You might have a camera system that has been keeping an eye on your business at all times, but do you have, for example, a shot detection system?

These systems are due to constant research and innovation from the best minds in the industry. They research and develop new means of protecting businesses as well as the people that work and visit there. Old systems might have been enough to help you rest more easily when they were installed, but there are now options that can cover every aspect of your business.

Every Second Counts

Time is important in terms of criminal activity. The more time a criminal has access to your information or merchandise, the more damage they can do. Older systems can send alerts to authorities when a door is opened or motion is detected, but that isn’t more than a simple alert.

Newer systems have the ability to give more specifics to the authorities as well as to the business owner. Where did the intrusion occur? What time? What was affected? Were any other alarms tripped?

More information helps the authorities to respond appropriately. Older security systems simply aren’t able to provide the same amount of information that technological advancements afford to newer systems. You want to protect your business. The best way to do that is to update your security system to make use of these contemporary advancements.

Herring Technology has everything you need to get your business’ security system up to date. Visit us today to see how we can help you.

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