Access Control Systems

Whether your access control system requires today’s advanced biometric readers or just a simple ID badge, Herring Technology can design a secure system that is the perfect fit for your company. Take control of your workplace environment while adding convenience and security to those who work there.

Lock and keys are great, but how many copies are floating around? Do you change the locks each time you change an employee? If not, how secure is your building? With the proper access control system, it is a simple keystroke to add or delete anyone as needed. Also, each card can be programmed for specified security clearance access for each individual employee and guest.

Security Cameras / HDCCTV

Today’s high definition security cameras offer the best surveillance technology for all your property needs. Herring Technology offers recording solutions and IP cameras that allow us to design systems that will produce high definition resolution video. We also design systems for areas with challenging light conditions.
If you are looking to add cameras to your workplace, then you are faced with a lot of choices. With IP cameras today, we can totally customize your system to meet each camera’s need in the specific location on your property. Today’s technology in recording solutions and IP cameras allows us to design systems that will accommodate areas with too much light, not enough light and the ability to produce high def resolution logged footage and still images.

Commercial property security systems

Shot Detection Systems

Herring Technology is proud to partner with Shooter Detection Systems (SDS) to offer the Guardian Indoor Active Shot Detection System to clients throughout Middle Tennessee and beyond. As more and more businesses move to the region, business owners can rely on Herring to provide the latest advancements in commercial security.

The Guardian Indoor Active Shot Detection System (SDS) instantaneously detects gunshots using acoustic gunshot identification software and combines this cutting-edge software with infrared gunfire flash detection. The result is a shot detection system offering the best and most accurate information on the market. According to SDS, the Guardian’s acoustic and infrared detection provides the highest rate of detection with zero false alerts.

Fire Detection

Everyone understands the benefits of a security system that protects against the loss of products and information due to theft. But, many don’t plan for fires. A fire within your building can cause a lot of damage to your property and severe injury to your employees. Fire Detection Systems are designed to guard you against the destruction brought about by a fire within the building.

Many commercial structures will have some form of system in place, but not all will integrate seamlessly with their surveillance equipment. In fact, many systems might be outdated or not within industry standards. In the event of a fire, the best protection against fire damage is by implementing a fire detection system to ensure safety for everyone and everything.

Perimeter Security Systems

Your access control systems are critical to successful security, but a perimeter gate is your first line of defense against a threat. Through the use of various equipment, Herring Technology can help you create layers of protection to make it challenging for criminals and trespassers to access the property.

Businesses can benefit from the privacy and protection security gates for various reasons. Entry points can limit vehicle access and open only when an individual has been cleared. Set up your first line of defense by adding perimeter security to your commercial building

Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Perimeter Security Gate in Nashville

Security Consulting & Systems Design

Onsite security personnel is hired to perform their job to the highest standard. When issues arise within the system or if the current plan in place is failing, selecting a security consultant is the best form of action. Security consultants have a combination of expertise and unbiased opinions to help you move your system into a direction that works best for your business.

Rapid Deployment Unit

When it comes to security, there is no one-size fits all solution. The best option for your business is investing in layered protection by incorporating additional surveillance equipment to enhance your security plan.

Herring’s Mobile Cam works for commercial businesses as a surveillance solution. It can easily integrate with your monitoring system and provide your security team with additional benefits that will improve outcomes. It’s a simple but effective way to get the maximum security needed to keep your property safe.