Fire Detection

Everyone understands the benefits of a security system that protects against the loss of products and information due to theft. But, many don’t plan for fires. A fire within your building can cause a lot of damage to your property and severe injury to your employees. Fire Detection Systems are designed to guard you against the destruction brought about by a fire within the building.

Many commercial structures will have some form of system in place, but not all will integrate seamlessly with their surveillance equipment. In fact, many systems might be outdated or not within industry standards. In the event of a fire, the best protection against fire damage is by implementing a fire detection system to ensure safety for everyone and everything.

✓ Reduce the risk of smoke inhalation

✓ Early detection to limit the spreading of the fire

✓ Integrate with your monitoring system

✓ Flexible placement options

✓ Informs emergency personnel of danger and location of fire

The Benefits of a Fire Detection System

Fire detection systems are designed to register a developing fire and alert building occupants of imminent danger. Additionally, they can notify emergency response teams of the location before the fire becomes widespread. If you want superior protection for you and your employees, you’ll want to consider a fire detection system.

Early Detection Against Smoke and Fire

The most significant health risk during a fire is smoke inhalation. It’s commonly misconceived that the flames from the fire will cause the most harm. The primary cause of death during a fire is respiratory failure because the individual inhaled smoke. A fire detection system will have devices that are sensitive to the presence of smoke and an increase of carbon monoxide which might cause a fire. Early detection will provide ample opportunity to safely extinguish the flames and remove all people from the building before serious injuries occur.

Remote and Integrated Monitoring for Safety

Some fire alarms are installed as single units. They go off when smoke is identified in a specific location. Any information about large quantities of carbon monoxide will improve survival rates in case of a fire, but these individually placed units can only do so much. A fully integrated and remote access system has the ability to alert emergency response teams of the danger. Additionally, they can trigger other alarms connected to the network to warn anyone within the building.

Easy to Install for Superior Protection

Installing a fire alarm is easy and affordable. Most surveillance companies will have the tools to add this higher level of protection to your security package. With the installation, you will receive the latest equipment regarding fire safety. Plus, the added benefit of monitoring. Monitoring will notify emergency response personnel of the danger and the exact location of the outbreak.

Herring Technology Fire Detection System

The Fire Detection Systems from Herring Technology will provide you and your employees with unique technology to alert you in the case of a fire. Our team of experts can work with you and help you design a system that works the way you need it. Contact us today to learn more.