Rapid Deployment Unit

When it comes to security, there is no one-size fits all solution. The best option for your business is investing in layered protection by incorporating additional surveillance equipment to enhance your security plan.

Herring’s Mobile Cam works for commercial businesses as a surveillance solution. It can easily integrate with your monitoring system and provide your security team with additional benefits that will improve outcomes. It’s a simple but effective way to get the maximum security needed to keep your property safe.

✓ Telescope reaching 25-feet

✓ Operates for 15 days day/night

✓ Shore powered

✓ Thermal imaging

✓ Remote access to wireless footage

✓ Force multiplier

Herring Mobile Cam (MCT 1200)

Emergency services, special events, industrial operations, lay down lots, construction sites, and many more can benefit from implementing Herring Technologies’ Mobile Cam. The MCT 1200 is equipped to handle a variety of functions for assurance against unnecessary theft or vandalism.

Reliable Surveillance Systems for Your Business

Portable security systems provide the opportunity for businesses to receive 24/7 footage at a 360-degree radius. These towers are often solar powered with battery backups to give the most reliable surveillance available. The cameras implemented in the system have the capacity to record in real-time and in high-definition. The HD component clearly recognizes license plate numbers and faces. Businesses can utilize infrared capabilities to distinguish suspicious behavior at night.

Added Layer of Protection

Onsite personnel can only contribute so much regarding vigilance. The Mobile Cam’s single axle trailer is portable and can be positioned in any location day or night to aid in security. A mobile security tower with a camera provides real-time video and can be monitored by security specialists from a separate location. The wireless adaptability affords a lot of freedom to access the footage remotely. If suspicious activity is identified, the proper authorities can be called.

Mobile Surveillance Towers are Adaptable

There are a number of ways the Mobile Cam can work for you and your needs. The structure is equipped with a telescoping mast that reaches up to 24-feet. Mounted on a trailer, the mobile camera can be positioned in the most convenient location to assist security team. There are emergency lights that act as a deterrent. Two cameras are fixed to the system and can be swapped out to complete such tasks as thermal imaging and license plate recognition.

Herring Technology Mobile Cam

At Herring, we take your security seriously. That’s why we offer state-of-the-art surveillance for your business to improve safety through improved technology. The Mobile Cam’s flexible design allows you to find the right layer of protection that will keep you and your business safe from unnecessary issues.

Contact Herring today to learn more about our Mobile Cam and the different ways it can improve your security plan.