Perimeter Security Systems

Your access control systems are critical to successful security, but a perimeter gate is your first line of defense against a threat. Through the use of various equipment, Herring Technology can help you create layers of protection to make it challenging for criminals and trespassers to access the property.

Businesses can benefit from the privacy and protection security gates for various reasons. Entry points can limit vehicle access and open only when an individual has been cleared. Set up your first line of defense by adding perimeter security to your commercial building.

Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Perimeter Security Gate in Nashville

✓ Deter crime

✓ Limit access to the building

✓ Remotely access your entry points

✓ Design your gate to your specific needs

✓ Syncs with your access control system

The Benefits of a Perimeter Security System

Through the implementation of various devices, it’s possible to create a perimeter security system tailored to your business. Employees, visitors, and essential data are safer when entry points filter who is allowed to come and go from the property. If you want to add an additional layer of protection, you’ll want to add perimeter security to your safety plan.

Limit Chances of Theft and Vandalism

Perimeter gates are tall, sturdy, and completely line your property. Entry points are limited to the number that works best for you and your business. Reducing the amount of entry points onto the property makes it considerably more difficult for anyone to gain access without your permission or your knowledge. The durability and the size of the gate would make it difficult to scale. But, in most cases, the presence of the gate indicates to potential thieves that your business is heavily secured and will often deter crime before it can even begin.

Customize Your Perimeter Security System

The perimeter gates aren’t just a fence lining your property. The system can be designed to suit your individual security needs. You can outfit your gate with HDCCTV surveillance cameras to identify when and who is entering and exiting the premises. Lighting along the fence, as well as, specified entry points aids the camera security to easily identify faces regardless of the time of day. There are motion detectors that can link to your access control system, too. If someone gets the urge to break through your entry point, the motion detectors will send a signal to your system altering the proper authorities.

Integrates with Your Security System

The devices you attach to your perimeter system can integrate with your indoor access control monitoring to improve overall function. Security personnel can focus on the single entry point and have remote access to an intercom, cameras, and light to make it easier to identify and approve anyone entering the building. With a limited focal point, you can reduce the number of security personnel in your team or better delegate tasks to cover more areas.

Herring Technology Perimeter Security System

​The safety of your physical building and the employees inside can be ensured by proper gating and fencing. Whether it’s an automated gate or custom fence, your specific perimeter requirements are our priority. We gladly offer a security analysis and make recommendations for the type of perimeter security that best fits your needs. Please contact us for an assessment.