Security Cameras / HDCTV

If you are looking to add cameras to your workplace, then you are faced with a lot of choices. Today’s technology in recording solutions and IP cameras allows us to design systems that will accommodate areas with too much light, not enough light, and transfer images in a higher resolution.

While it’s easy to obtain HD video surveillance cameras locally, the chances of their performance meeting professional standards are slim. In the event of theft, video evidence submitted in low quality to the court will be inadmissible. Protect your business with the implementation of high-definition security cameras.

Commercial property security systems

✓ Valuable/useful video footage for identification

✓ Video Surveillance

✓ Assess lighting conditions

✓ There when you need it

✓ Reliable images

✓ Utilize Hi Def cameras for recognizable images (with these images even your mom would recognize you)

The Benefits of Security Cameras and HDCTV

High definition closed circuit television (HD video surveillance) utilizes video cameras to record and monitor real-time activity through broadcasting signals. These devices are capable of recording 24/7 and logging months worth of footage. If you want to add a layer of protection to your security system, security cameras and HD video surveillance should be a part of your package.

Reduce Crime and Theft

The site of a camera is usually enough to deter crime from happening in the first place. Many criminals are looking for opportunities to access information, product, or merchandise swiftly and undetected. It’s unlikely someone will be motivated to steal from you if they know you are watching. Installing a security camera on your commercial property will reduce crime and theft.

Mobile Integrated Security Cameras

Your security system and its features should be designed to work just how you need. Mobile integrated security cameras provide owners with amazing benefits. You and your security team can receive instant notifications in the event of a break-in. There is also the option for remote access. If the alarm goes off in the middle of the night or while you are away from the building, you can log in remotely to control the cameras and view in real-time the events that are unfolding.

Identify Perpetrators

In the event, someone is bold enough to commit theft with the implementation of a video surveillance, the footage captured will give you a clear picture to help you recognized the criminal. When you need to turn footage over to the authorities or bring evidentiary support into a court of law, you’ll have a clear image to help you win your case.

Herring Technology Security Cameras and HD Video Surveillance

Today’s high definition security cameras offer the best surveillance technology for all your property needs. Herring Technology provides recording solutions and IP cameras that allow us to design systems that will produce high definition resolution video. We also develop systems for areas with challenging light conditions. Contact us today to learn more.