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How to Put Together an Emergency Action Plan for Your Office_Herring Technology_Nashville TN

How to Put Together an Emergency Action Plan for Your Office

An emergency action plan is essential for all workplaces. These situations can often be met with panic, which only increases the chance of harmful outcomes. But providing a clear plan
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Keeping Your Business Safe This Holiday Season

With the holiday season fast approaching, business owners have to do more than just prepare for the seasonal rush. Regardless of whether you’re in the sales industry or not, there
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The History of CCTV

  Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) involves the use of video cameras to transmit signals to a specific location and a specific set of video monitors. While regular television uses public
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How to Prevent A Break-In at Your Business

Every year, businesses lose billions of dollars from theft and vandalism that could’ve be easily prevented if the right measures were taken. Taking the right precautions to secure your business
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4 security threats to pay attention to in Nashville

4 Security Threats That Go Ignored

Cybersecurity is of increasing importance as technology continues to flourish and change the world in which we live. With every new creation, there is always a period of tweaks and
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